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Before we can make any forward progress, we must first AS A NATION recognize our common financial problem. We may disagree about the causes and solutions but if we fail to at least acknowledge the issue we are doomed to national bankruptcy. We must IDENTIFY LEADERS who understand this problem and support their efforts to spread the message and work towards avoiding the worst outcomes. The following is a gallery of "pioneers" on the topic of Federal Budget Sanity. They have worked tirelessly to promote the national interest and have often put politics second in the process. Without their efforts we wouldn't have the information we have or the optimism that eventually this problem will be solved.
    Republican New Hampshire Senator from 1980 to 1993. In 1992 co-founded the Concord Coalition, the nation's leading fiscal watchdog organization.   Democrat, Massachusetts. Served as Senator and Representative from 1974-84. In 1992 co-founded the Concord Coalition, the nation's leading fiscal watchdog organization.   Secretary of Commerce for President Nixon. A co-founder of the Concord Coalition. In 1982 founded the Bi-Partisan Budget Appeal, a group of 500 leaders dedicated to resolving our fiscal crisis.  

Warren Rudman

    Paul Tsongas     Peter G. Peterson    
          The most visible warrior for fiscal sanity in our history. During his 1992 run for President Ross Perot awakened a nation to the growing debt crisis with an endless series of alarming charts on the subject.        


    H. Ross Perot          
    U.S. Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008, Walker's career is distinguished by a continuous effort to expose the extent of our national debt. Current President of the Peterson Foundation.         Distinguished Boston economics professor, Dr. Kotlikoff's legendary article "The $44 Trillion Abyss" is a landmark in research on the subject of unfunded entitlements.  
    David Walker           Laurence J. Kotlikoff    
    Tennessee Representative Cooper is a leader of the Blue Dog Democrats, a coalition working towards fiscal solvency. His legislative proposals are gaining bi-partisan support & he's emerged as a leader on the issue.   Dr. Ron Paul, MD is a 20 year Congressman from Texas & presidential candidate on the Libertarian and Republican tickets. He has a proven record of opposing Federal spending & deficits. He's a founder of the Campaign for Liberty.        
    Jeff Cooper     Ron Paul          
    Gov. Sanford of S. Carolina acknowledges the accuracy of David Walker's debt calculations and is a leader of Tea Party 2.0, a national grassroots effort to increase awareness of the issue.              
    Mark Sanford                


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