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     The Fiscal Solvency Project is a cooperative effort spearheaded by the Campaigns for Liberty of Shawnee and Douglas County, Kansas. Nationally, The Campaign for Liberty (CFL) is a 501(c)4 non-profit entity organized exclusively for the promotion of the social welfare of the United States. We do not endorse specific candidates but rather emphasize issues of vital interest to the voting taxpayers of all parties. The Campaign for Liberty was established by Representative Ron Paul, MD (Texas) and supporters following the conclusion of his campaign for President in 2008. The CFLs of Shawnee and Douglas County are county organizations within the CFL of Kansas.

     Because of the unique structure of the CFL, local members are able to emphasize issues of both national AND local interest. Following the establishment of the Shawnee and Douglas County chapters in January 2009, meetings were held over the next few months to discuss and outline the issues of interest to the membership. In virtually every meeting, the related issues of Federal and State Budget Deficits, Federal Borrowing, National Indebtedness, Unfunded Liabilities, and a sputtering economy were the topics of greatest concern. From these initial meetings the Fiscal Solvency Project was launched as a platform for 1) englightening the voters; 2) discussing solutions; 3) supporting political initiatives to implement the solutions.

     Members of the CFL represent a diverse group of citizens from many backgrounds, a true cross-section of the American population. We are tolerant of a wide range of opinion on this vital issue. In order to resolve this problem we will need widespread popular consensus that action must be taken now. Stewart Bishop is the County Coordinator of the CFL for Shawnee County. Mr. Bishop has two degrees in economics and finance from the University of South Florida. He has lectured for many years on the short-run risks of reckless mortgage lending, and the longer-term risks of unfunded federal liabilities associated with SSI / Medicare / and Medicaid commitments to 70 million Americans of the  "baby boom" generation. Sample archives of his lectures on these subjects may be found here (see especially PDF's on Housing and Baby Boom Retirement Challenges).

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